I have always been an avid skier. I had a ski accident last winter and fell on my backside while skiing. I brushed myself off and took a few more runs. Once I got home the pain intensified. My Dr. sent me to a chiropractor. That did not work. Then I had an MRI and a crack in the sacrum showed. I was in pain, using a cane, could not climb stairs or get in or out of bed without pain. After some time healing I saw Mary's "Yoga for Back Wellness" flyer. I attended a few
classes and felt immediately pain free. Taking the "Back" class has been a dramatic change for the better. I may not do the motions in class very well, but never the less they saved my life. Today I am feeling completely normal as if nothing happened last winter. I only wish Mary had classes 2-3 times a week. I am looking forward to a snowy winter of skiing.

Marilyn B.

I'm a 67 year old gal with an arthritic hip and scoliosis of the spine. I did private yoga therapy and began taking Yoga for Back Wellness with Mary about 1 1/2 years ago because I was experiencing a great deal of discomfort even though I exercised, was active, and not overweight. I had done physical therapy and orthopedic evaluation.
My arms and legs were strong but all the attachments to my core were tightening up on me and my core was weak. I was even afraid to lay on floor; it felt so uncomfortable on my back and legs to stretch out flat.
I have found such relief. My core has shown steady improvement in strength and I'm more flexible; I can stand up straight and even lay comfortably flat on floor. Every morning I do my Yoga practices that Mary has recommended. It has made such a difference. I keep taking one class a week. I will always have structural scoliosis My hip may have to be replaced. But, I will always have the strength, flexibility, and comfort that Yoga for Back Wellness has given me. It has made such an positive impact on my life.


Mary can pinpoint a problem, grasp it’s meaning and help transform it into energy. The energy which was transformative for me is yoga therapy, which has become a positive part of everyday living and has made pain a memory.

Catherine D.

Mary is a naturally gifted and intuitive healer. She assessed my needs on many levels, and then offered the specific guidance and support I needed to achieve health goals. Her concern for clients is heart-felt. I feel more connected to my deepest self when in her presence, thus allowing true healing to take place.

Susannah R.

Yoga has strengthened my back and improved my balance. I no longer worry about back pain. Through yoga I have learned to move and breathe in a way which protects my back.

Judy L.

Since I started “back” yoga sessions with Mary Scott, most of my backaches have substantially diminished. I feel stronger all over and much more able to take longer walks without developing pain in the hips.

Anita P.

Before starting the back class, my back would "go out" into spasm and I would experience restricted mobility several times a year, every year (since I was 11 years old). My back has not "gone out" since I started taking the yoga “Back” class in the fall of 2009 and I experience less back pain. The back class has significantly improved my core strength. The back class has improved my life.

Tracey A.

I had many problems with my back and even went to physical therapy for relief. I also tried massage therapy which worked for some time. The massage therapist insisted I needed to do stretching exercises. I decided to try Mary’s yoga class for the back. Wow! What a difference I saw in the pain in my back! I sleep better, I feel better and my overall outlook feels better! I just don’t feel the stress and tension like I had in the past in my back. I really love Mary’s Yoga for Back Wellness class!

Kathie Z.