Multiple Sessions / Rates

Yoga Therapy does not prescribe treatments for conditions, but instead invites partnership with the yoga therapist for transformation and long term well being.

The first step……

Free phone consultation to discuss concerns, needs and goals for yoga therapy. An initial meeting time may be agreed upon.

Assessment Session: Two hours in length.

During a assessment there is an in depth interview, postural and muscular, fitness and breath evaluation to obtain an understanding of the client. Lifestyle issues and changes may be discussed. For clients seeking relief from discomfort this is often the main focus of this session. Beginning practices are taught with a complete handout given at the end of the session, so the client may continue to work at home. Through out the process of working with the Yoga Therapist, communication via e-mail or phone is encouraged to report progress and any questions that may arise.

Session Two: One and one-half hours in length.

This session will take place one week and at most two weeks after the assessment session. A check-in on progress will be done and a complete practice will  be taught during this session. A  practice is recommended based on Mary’s experience, however a conversation between Mary and the client is an important part of ultimately deciding what is best. Detailed handouts are provided with the expectation that the client will continue the practice at home.

Session Three: One and one-half hours in length.

Session three will take place a few weeks after the second, depending on the client and the condition. After several weeks of home practice the client will begin to experience some benefit from the practices. At this session the program will be evaluated and modified depending on progress and the clients goals.

Session Four: One and one-half hours in length.

It often takes four session and several months of practice for the client to experience the fruits and transformation from their practice. During this meeting Mary will add to or alter the therapy program the client is working on. Recommended actions and plans for follow-up will be addressed.

“Yoga is a complete system… and leads  us to a whole new way of living.” – Nischala Devi

Multiple Sessions and Rates:

Most conditions take three to four sessions in order to create change and experience the most benefit. Mary will recommend a number of sessions after assessment, and depending on needs and goals.

The following discounted rates are offered based on a normal hourly rate of $65.

Three Sessions equaling five hours total: $235. (A saving of $90.) To be used over a two month period.

Four Sessions equaling six and one-half hours total: $300. (A saving of $122.) To be used over a three month period.

If an individual has financial concerns they should contact Mary regarding financial support and sliding scale.

Private Session Policies and Information:
Dress in comfortable clothing and come relaxed and well hydrated. Please bring your mat and water if you need to.

Client is responsible for payment of private sessions missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, unless extreme emergency.