Assessment and Personal Practice

Yoga therapy sessions are conducted in Schenectady at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital or in the Glenville location. In your initial session Mary will seek to fully understand your needs from your viewpoint.
With sensitivity and skill Mary will:

  • Conduct an in depth interview to  understand you and your needs
  • Assess the depth and quality of your breath
  • Do a general body reading for structural imbalances.
  • Evaluate range of motion and muscle strength
  • Design a personalized program
  • Teach you to engage in practices correctly
  • Assist you with your practice after your appointment. (Handouts are given and email and telephone contact are encouraged.)

A personal therapeutic practice may include the following:

  • Practices to strengthen or release muscles and reduce discomfort
  • Restorative practices to reduce stress and find refuge in your practice
  • Pranayama/ breathwork to deepen your direct experience of the mind body connection
  • Mindfulness practices to heighten awareness while relaxing you
  • Personally meaningful ritual

“The ultimate goal of yoga is to increase knowledge of the self”.

 Mukunda Stiles