All yoga classes with Mary are similar in that they are breath-centered and meditative encouraging a deep connection to your own inner wisdom. All can be adapted to your unique individual needs, even on a temporary basis. The essence of all classes is to provide the participant with a direct experience of yoga. By linking body, breath and mind in our class practices the effects become cumulative over time with increased mindfulness, relaxation and ease in your life.

Mary’s teaching is based on principles of Viniyoga, KHYF and Structural Yoga, with emphasis on adapting to the individual. These methods allow for developing yoga practices to suit the needs of students and the goals for practice based on the organizing principles of sequencing, adaptation, patterns of repetition and stay and an intimate connection between breath and movement. This allows for a wide range of practices to relax, strengthen, and/or de-stress the body and mind.

In all classes participants are encouraged to honor their own limits and know when to rest and not pursue a motion or pose that may be too difficult.

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 “It is only by bringing body, breath, and mind into unison that we realize the true quality of an asana.” – T.K.V. Desikachar


≈Therapeutic Yoga for the Heart ≈

(This class is not currently offered.)

Each class includes very gentle yoga asana, vinyasa and restorative postures, which will leave you feeling calm and renewed. Practice is on the mat, in a chair and standing. Based on the model used in the Ornish Lifestyle Heart Trial it is good for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypertension, chronic pain and well as heart related concerns and other health issues.

This class is very heavy on stress reduction using imagery and guided meditations.

≈Yoga for Back Wellness≈

Fifty percent of the population experiences back pain at some time in their lives. Yoga can offer relief, that is if it is the right kind of yoga.

Mary Scott offers the only classes in the region specifically designed for back care. Mary teaches practices that have been studied and published by the National Institute of Health.

Through regular practice of therapeutic yoga, participants can decrease back discomfort and improve the quality of life. This class is appropriate for yoga students of all levels and is a good class for those new to yoga. For people new to yoga or with physical issues optimum change happens by pairing one on one instruction/therapy with group classes.

The class will practice the Viniyoga and Structural Yoga methods to bring stability and strength to the back, hips, and sacrum, while improving balance and freedom of movement and bringing awareness of the breath patterns that guide motion. The Viniyoga methods were featured in the NIH study on yoga for back pain.THIS IS AN EXCELLENT CLASS FOR THOSE NEW TO YOGA.   ( FOR A BROCHURE FOR THIS CLASS CLICK Here )


≈All Levels Yoga≈

While this is a good class for beginners a degree of overall fitness and strength is recommended. If you have taken one or more sessions of Yoga for Back Wellness this class may be good for you.

You will learn and practice asana, vinyasa, and pranayama practices. Each class is different with breath-centered dynamic motion to condition and warm the body and longer holds to build strength, Classes will include practices to build and maintain core strength, Ayurvedic (dosha balancing) vinyasas and yoga in the Structural Yoga, Viniyoga and Krishnamcharya traditions.

(Some partial scholarships are available as space permits.)

“Yoga seeks to balance the body with the mind…it is a means to direct the mind by removing obstacles of unsteadiness and discomfort.” – Mukunda Stiles